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Bigelow Bay #3

MICHAEL:  He is the king and Bigelow Bay hopsital is his domain.  A lifetime of focus and self disclipine ensured his life was exactly the way he'd planned...  Until tradegy disrupted his well ordered existence.

SONNIE:  Her life is out of control, one moment changed everything.  A new home, new school, new life with new challenges.  when you life has become chaos you hang onto even a small shred of control all the harder.

MEL:  Offering guidence to those who need it most while battling the darkness that still lives inside her - it is a delicate balance between controlling her past or allowing her past to control her.

AS three lives collide sometimes the only thing you can hope for is some order in the chaos but sometimes the best outcome doesn't come from KEEPING CONTROL.


Really enjoyed reading this, was looking for the clues as to what happened to all the characters.  and watched as they missed the mark by not asking the right questions... (MANDY -Australia)

Aww, it was great! 

(KATIE - England)

I loved the story.