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All Anthologies Are Available for a Limited Time only - So grab them while they're hot!

Circumstance brings these couples together, but things are not what they seem. 
False Names.
Creative ways of keeping their identities hidden. 
Will they eventually learn what the other is hiding and why?

Participating Authors:

S.L. Davies

Danielle Sibarium

J.L. Belcher

Jakki Frances

J.A Melville

Lilliana Rose

S.C. Principale

Candace Dowds

343060764_906354273782980_5347538652710801518_n (2).jpg

Chance encounters, fly-by-night romance, speed dating...

A casual meeting that sparks interest.

Life is busy, but love waits for no man—or woman!

There is no time to stop.

So this dating takes place on the run.

Published by: Susan Horsnell.

These tales of romance on the run are brought to you by:

S.L. Davies

Diana Dawn

Jakki Frances

Cathy Johns

E.S. McMillan

J.A Melville

S.C. Principale

Danielle Sibarium

LC Taylor

Liliana Rhodes 

Annee Jones

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